October 4-6 in Berlin, Germany
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Brian Exelbierd

Red Hat
Community Business Owner
Brno, Czech Republic
Brian “bex” Exelbierd enjoys a good beer, a nice coffee, and a rousing conversation about taxation. Born in the USA, he now lives with his partner and daughter in Brno, Czech Republic. His focus is on his family, walks for artisinal bread, and reading long form articles. By night, he tinkers with this thousands of spreadsheets and occasionally works on projects that are often “glue code” or the interstitial pieces that fill the spaces between systems. By day he is the RHEL Community Business Owner at Red Hat. Follow him on twitter @bexelbie and read his sporadic blog pieces at www.winglemeyer.org.
Tuesday, October 4

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Wednesday, October 5

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Thursday, October 6

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